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Underwater Boonies are one of the main tribes on BooniePlanet. These boonies are common in the Treetop World as well as the Urban World, but only one Underwater Boonie is obtainable in the Treetop World making it tough to battle against Urban World furballs. It is teased that the third unlockable World will be an Underwater World dedicated for underwater boonies. These Boonies are weak towards Treetop Boonies and strong against Urban Boonies. Their attacks include a water balloon for two energy points, a cookie for four energy points and a jellyfish costing six energy points.

Boonie List


  • Voorg
  • Bubble


  • Lucky
  • Mally
  • Thoolie


  • Brint
  • Tobisister
  • Koneko