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Madeline Skepennitimer (Malou-ra' real name) was a boonie that has sadly passed away due to heart faliure on December 9th 2017 after she was with her family during wintertime hangout (What the Skepennitimer family calls it) and will be beloved as a memory for most famous users and other players. She Was A Great person known for her acting and love for her family. She has not been posting any refrences since 2016 since she is not aive anymore. but boonies and MovieStarPlanet ApS will remember her for her creativity throuought the whole game. Maloura Was A famous user in blockstarplanet & boonieplanet.



. Malou-ra is deceased since 2016.

. maloura was friends with one of the MovieStarPlanet Developers.

. Malou-ra was kept as a biggest memory by a blockstarplanet accelerator named ikg4.

. Most pepole knew her real name.

. She has made most articles in this wiki until it has been abandoned.

.Malou-ra is in the BlockStarPlanet wiki since 2018.